There are a multitude of  Mobile Dog Groomers available in the Metro Phoenix area. Why select us?

Good Question - Here's Why:

Special Precautions we are taking due to COVID 19 Pandamic:

      All our employees are well and are practicing social distancing in their personal lives

     As the owner I have instructed all our employees to stay home if they feel ill in any way or if they have had exposure to anyone with the virus - they will be paid  in that event

     As part of our normal business practice we sterilize all work surfaces and grooming tools between each appointment

    Our employees will be wearing masks and gloves when they arrive and glove surfaces have been sterilized

    We will have absolute minmal pysical contact with the customer and maintain a fixed social distance. 

    We sterilize all forms of payment including credit cards and cash we also sterilize the dog's lesh with disinfectant spray or wipes

    We normally allow customers to inspect our van interior if they wish to but for now we are allowing only employees within the grooming van.



  • Our new customized mobile pet grooming vans provide the full spectrum of equipment needed to give your dog a great grooming in a sanitized temperature controlled and safe environment.

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  • Our van has TWO groomers onboard.This is for your dog's safety and the groomers safety. If for any reason a groomer becomes disabled there is someone there to take care of your dog. You may have seen in the news recently where a dog died because the sole groomer underwent a medical condition and became comatose. Click HERE to see the news story. Also a second groomer can help safely restrain a dog from making unexpected movements that might cause an injury especially while grooming sheers or scissors are being used. This costs us significantly more however to us your dog's safety is far more important.

  • We are a  family owned business and are determined to be the premier provider of mobile pet grooming services in the Metro Phoenix area. We will achieve that by providing:

    • A totally satisfying experience for our customers- we want you to come back and to do that we intend to exceed your expectations

    • A stress free grooming for your dog. We take the extra time to develop a "relationship" with your dog before grooming begins. A small treat and some gentle handling goes a long way to getting your dog relaxed and at ease with the groomers. Once done the grooming itself goes quicker, looks better and your dog won't have a bad experience to recall the next time they are groomed. We have seen the effects of dog's being terrified of being groomed because they have experienced high stress especially in fixed site grooming salons.

  • We are focused on demonstrating our professional business conduct, courtesy, grooming competence and caring attitude toward your dog. We go the extra mile to achieve that and our team is well trained and focused on that objective

  • As a family business (Father-Daughter and Grandson) the success of the business is key to our economic future so we are highly motived to provide you and your dog with great service.  One of the best ways for us to get additional customers is to have completely satisfied existing customers that will recommend us to their friends and neighbors to provide their dog's grooming needs.

  • We are price competitive and offer significant discounts for Senior citizens, Members of the Armed Forces, New customers, Referals, Repeat customers and Multiple pets. Click here to see the details for all of our discounts.

  • Our grooming staff consists of 4 highly experienced proffesionally trained groomers. Each has groomed literally thousands of dogs,

Link to Arizona Humane SOCIETY

Importantly - at least to us and hopefully to you we are a people oriented socially responsible business:


5% of our profit will be donated to the Arizona Humane Society.                                                                                                                            

5% of our profit will be donated to a fantastic charity called Smile Train, This charity operates in 85 countries and provides free surgical Smile Traincorrection to children with cleft lips and palates. The results are amazing, children once disfigured, often maligned and isolated are restored to normalcy and the chance for a full and happy life. When you become one of our customers its good for you, good for your pet, and great for these kids!

    • We pay our employess a "Living Wage" not a minimum wage, We believe that people that work hard full time should not live in poverty or be without healthcare. We subsidize the health care costs of our employees.