As a well run mobile dog grooming business we have specific policies in place to insure consistent and ethical interaction with our valued customers, these include:


     Service Charges Policy: 

  • Our Services and Pricing page provides a list of grooming services and an estimated cost based on your dog's size. These represent a cost estimate for a "typical" dog of that size.However all dogs vary based on breed and the condition of their coat. Therefore the prices shown should be considered range estimates for a "typical" dog. Additionally on that page you can download a file called "pricing" which list typical costs for service by dog breed which provides a more accurate estimate. When our groomers arrive at your location they will examine your dog and provide you with a firm fixed price quote for the services you requested prior to initiating any service. Click HERE to visit our Services and Prices page.

•    We accept payment in cash, major credit cards or check. Checks returned due to insufficient funds are subject to a $ 35 returned check fee which is the cost our bank charges us for checks with insufficient funds. 

•     All fees must be paid at the time of service


 Service Conditions: 

  •       We reserve the right to refuse service if in our judgment the dog may present a danger to our staff. If this situation presents itself during the course of providing service we reserve the right to halt the service and will adjust the price based on the percent completion of services.

  •       We will provide services only to dogs with current vaccinations

  •  We will not provide any service which in our judgment may be harmful or abusive to the dog.

  • We elect not to provide service for dogs with the following conditions 

                 open wounds or stitches

                  anesthetized or partialy drugged

                  sick dogs requiring care by a vetenarian

                  very aged dogs physically unable to tolerate a grooming.             

  • We are happy to show customers our custom grooming van facilities at the time of check in however, experience shows it's less stressful for the dog if the owner is not present in the van during the grooming process. Dogs feel protective of their owner. If in an unfamiliar situation they tend to become more agitated if the owner is present.

  • Customers must be present at your location at the time of service. 

Privacy and Security:           Your privacy is an important matter to us.

  • Personal data collected from your use of this website will only be used to service our direct customers. We will NOT use this data for any other purpose. We do share your information with one other company called Pawfinity. They are a software company that we utilize to maintain our database of customers, their dog information and schedule of appointments. You may receive e-mail messages from them when we officially schedule you for an appointment. We do NOT share your data with any other company. 
  • We do not store any financial data or password data on our website. We do this because as a expert with over 40 years experience in security matters I know ANY website can be hacked. The news repeatedly demonstrates that even the most secure websites including those of the US Government have been hacked.
  • We employ a top flight security firm called Sucuri to protect our site from hackers that may attempt to place malware on our site. Our site is checked hourly for the presence of malware and our computers that manage our site are scanned for virsus daily. We NEVER ask for any passwords, credit card information  or other types of data like social security numbers.
  • Newsletter E-emails - we periodically sendnews letter emails to our customer base containing new information about our business. We do this sparingly and do not want to bombard our customers with daily e-mails as many business do. We also provide a means in our news letter e-mails which will remove you from our e-mail lists if you no longer wish to receive e-mails from us. 

Tipping Policy and Customer Feedback:     

  •  As a business we neither encourage or discourage tipping of our staff. The is entirely the choice of the individual customer. It is our view that if the customer elects to provide a tip it should only be under circumstance where the customer is completely satisfied with the services received and that the staff have met all your expectations.
  • As a business that is constantly working to improve customer satisfaction we do welcome any feedback you may wish to provide concerning our performance. You may provide feedback in a number of ways, Click HERE to fill out our customer survey form. This form enables you to grade our service and provide recommendations on how we might improve. Alternatively click HERE to fill out our contact form. Our staff monitors receipt of these forms and will typically provide a response within a few hours. If immediate attention is required please call us at 602-397-8493.

Business Hours and Appointment Issues:

  • Our normal business hours are from 7:00Am to 7:00PM
  • We provide our services seven days a week excluding major holidays.
  • Unfortunately with mobile equipment we may be subject to unexpect equipment failure the prevent or delay us in keeping an appointment. In that event we will attempt to notify you as soon as possible of this situation and work with you to reschedule your appointment at a mutually agreable time.
  • Appointment Cancellations - we understand that unexpected events may occur that prevent you from keeping an appointment. As a schedule run business we ask our customers to advise us as soon as possible of your inability to keep an appointment so that we may substitute another appointment in that time slot and maintain the needed revenue flow. We reserve the right to not schedule appointments with customers that have demonstrated repeat appointment cancellations.


Further Information:

Further details on business policy can be found under our frequently asked questions (Faq's) menu item under the category Business Policy. These topics deal with specific questions of a general business policy nature. To review these click HERE to go to our Faq page and click on the Business Policy category.