As a well run business we have specific policies in place to insure consistent interaction with our valued customers, these include:


    Service Charges:


  • Our Services page provides a list of grooming services and an estimated cost based on your dog's size. These represent a cost estimate for a "typical" dog of that size. Additionally on that page you can download a file called "pricing" which list typical costs for service by dog breed. When our groomers arrive at your location they will examine your pet and provide you with a firm fixed price quote for the services you requested prior to initiating any service.

•    We accept payment in cash, major credit cards or check. Checks returned due to insufficient funds are subject to a $ 25 returned check fee.


•     All fees must be paid at the time of service


 Service Conditions:


      We reserve the right to refuse service if in our judgment the pet may present a danger to our staff. If this situation presents itself during the course of providing service we reserve the right to halt the service and will adjust the price based on the percent completion of services.

      We will provide services only to dogs with current vaccinations

We will not provide any service which in our judgment may be harmful or abusive to the pet. We elect not to provide service for pets with the following conditions:

                  open wounds or stitches

                  anesthetized  or  partialy drugged

                  sick pets requiring care by a vetenarian


We are happy to show customers our custom grooming van facilities at the time of check in however, experience shows it's less stressful for the pet if the owner is not present in the van during the grooming process.

Customers must be present at your location at the time of service. 




          Your privacy is an important matter to us. Personal data collected from your use of this website will only be used to service our direct customers. We will NOT use this data for any other purpose nor will it be shared with anyone outside of our business.



Tipping Policy:


As a business we neither encourage nor discourage tipping of our groomers. That choice is entirely the choice of the customer alone and should only be done if the customer is totally satisfied with the level of service provided


Business Hours:

Our normal business hours are from 7:00Am to 7:00PM

We provide our services seven days a week excluding major holidays.


Further Information:

Further details on business policy can be found under our frequently asked questions (Faq's) menu item under the category Business Policy. These topics deal with specific questions of a general business policy nature. To review these click here to go to our Faq page and click on the Business Policy category.