We understand  it can be difficult to determine if a dog grooming business is the right one for you and the right one for your dog.

Our intention is to help you out with that process whether you select us or someone else. Here are the key things to consider.

Mobile versus Fixed Site Groomers - this comes down to a choice of convenience to you and less stress to your dog versus cost

     Mobile grooming is convenient  to you - stay in your home, no loading up the dogs, no travel, and no waiting for service so its less time and less perterbation of your routine. It is also a lot less stressful for your pet. They are not put in a cage to wait, there are no other pehaps aggressive dogs present, the environment is quieter and more relaxed and there is less chance of picking up a contagion or insect pests,  On the down side mobile grooming prices are usually higher because our operating costs are higher due to travel time, vehicle fuel costs, and vehicle maintenance costs. How much higher? It varies but my experience says typically about 10%.  So if your on a tight budget, have the time and your dog does not get stressed easily then a fixed site groomer is the way to go. If you can afford a bit extra, or are time limited  or your dog stress out easily or has physical problems or is older mobile grooming is likely the right choice for you.

Once you decide on either mobile or fixed site grooming how do you find the right one? There are a lot of factors but here are some important guidelines. 

First - in Arizona you do not need a license to be a dog groomer so anyone can pick up a pair of scissors, and call themselves a dog groomer so make your selection carefully

  • Probably the best way to find a good groomer is to get one referred to you by a friend that has used their service.
  • Next best is to look up customer reviews of the business on the internet. Make sure they are INDEPENDENT customer reviews not just reviews the company posts on their website
  • Get clear information about the groomers. Where were they trained, years of experience, photos of dogs they have groomed, customer references etc. 
  • If the business you select is really professional they will have a website full of the information you are seeking like biographies of the groomers, photos of groomed dogs, photos of their facilities, customer provided testimonials, a means to estimate prices, on-line forms to make appointments and on-line contact forms and descriptions of their business operations and policies.
  • If you select a mobile groomer make sure the van has a Maricopa Health Department License on the vehicle. By law the vehicles must be inspected yearly. Make sure it is a professionally customized van including a stainless steel bath tub, an electric lift to get dogs into and out of the tub, temperature controlled water, waste water storage,air conditioning, air ventilation, it own electrical power generator, ground fault isolated electrical outlets and a full compliment of grooming tools and drying devices. Also for safety it should be equipped with a backup camera, back up audio alarm and an on board fire extinguisher. The first time you use their service take the time to inspect the van for the items meantioned as well as overall cleanliness and appearance. Most important factor is this - make sure there are TWO people in the van! This is a safety issue for both them and your dog. A second person can assist the groomer to gently restrain your dog from making unexpected moves that might cause injury. For example when using scissor or shears and especially trimming nails. Most dogs resist having their nails trimmed and may try to move unexpectantly. They could easily be injured if not properly but gently restrained. Also if for any reason one of the individuals becomes disabled there is a second person there to take care of your dog and to get help. You may have seen in the news where a dog died when the groomer became comatose.
  • If you select a fixed site groomer the same general rules apply.  In general I would stay away from what I call the "grooming factory" type establishments. These are places with a lot of groomers in a single large room. The are a lot of other dogs present and a lot of noise. All of this can be very stressful to your dog. You may or may not be given the opportunity to speak directly with the groomer in many cases. Look for smaller local establishments with one or two groomers. Ask if they schedule enough time between appointments so your dog won't be caged  or where you don't have to wait a long period.

So if you have elected to go to a fixed site groomer we hope we have helped you with that choice. If you are interested in mobile grooming then go through the rest of our website and see if we meet your expectations. We of course intend to excede them. Select the Why Us item in the menu above or click here Why Us  to evaluate our credentials to be your mobile dog groomer choice.

cropped    Best Regards


Gerry Piosenka - owner Woof Wagon LLC