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Covers questions related to details of our services

Heavily matted coats can be very difficult to near impossible to comb out. Attempting to do so can  cause discomfort and irritation to your pet

Our grooming staff will carefully examine your pet to determine the extent of matting. At that time we will recommend either a dematting procedure or we will recommend that the matting is too extensive and that the dog be shaved. We reserve the right not to attempt dematting if in our professional judgement the process would be too painful and potentially harmful to your pet 

Our grooming staff will perform de-matting at a flat rate of $ 10.00 per ten minutes for animals that we determine can be safely de-matted. Quotes cannot be given over the phone as the condition of your animal's coat must be seen by a groomer prior to making an estimate.

The de-shedding process thins and partially strips away your dog's undercoat as well as the top coat. This process helps to reduce or eliminate a dog's shedding for up to six weeks. Unlike shaving, the dog's coat is only thinned out therefore the length of the coat is not reduced.

Yes we have both on-board heating and air conditioning to keep the van at a comfortable temperature for our groomers and your pet. We also have multiple ceiling vents to provide fresh air circulation. The bath water is heated to a comfortable level for your pet. All bath water is fresh. Used water is sent to a seperate container and stored there until emptied.

Generally a typical grooming lasts from 60 to 90 minutes. Of course this is a function of the pets condition and the size of the pet. The groomers will be able to estimate the duration of the time it will take to provide the services you requested.

We no longer groom cats

Not at this time. We were considering grooming Hippos but there is a low demand and we would need a much larger van. (just kidding)

We have a fixed procedure for grooming dogs in order to provide a reliable and consistant result. The steps include:

Preliminary Steps:

  • Examination of your pet
  • Discussion on the services you wish and the cost
  • Review of eligible discounts (new customer, multiple pets, referals)
  • Inform you of the cost of services

Groming Procedure:

  • Clip  and file nails
  • Brush teeth
  • Anal gland expression
  • Shampoo ( will include flea and tick shampoo if you selected that service)
  • Throughly rinse
  • Apply Conditioner
  • Thoroughly rinse
  • Blow dry
  • Brush out
  • Full body haircut
  • Apply eye wash
  • Clean Ears
  • Final Brush out
  • Flea Tic Spot on treatment (if you selected that service)
  • Apply fragrance and decorative bow or bandana ( with permission of owner)
  • Special treat ( dried chicken breasts or jerky, dogs love them!) with owner permission

Yes we do. Of course we take extra care with the little guys

We service the WEST valley. To see if we service your specific area click on the link below and enter your city name.

No we do not. For nervous or figety pets we take the extra time to make your pet feel comfortable and safe.Usually a little treat and a little petting will get your pet to relax and feel safe. We do not perform any services that are painful to your pet and therefore no anesthesia is needed.

Covers questions about making/cancelling appointments 

There are two ways to make an appointment.

1. Call us at 602-397-8493

2. Use the online appointment form on this website. To go to the appointment form click here.

Being a mobile grooming site it is essential that we arrange our appointment schedule to minimize travel time and distance. Therefore we appreciate as much lead time as possible between the present date and the date you request an appointment. The further in advance you make your appointment request the higher the probability that we can satisfy that request within the time frame you desire.

We attempt to be as flexible as possible in this area. As a minimum we would appreciate it if you would provide at least 24 hours advance notice to change or cancel an appointment. If cancelling appointments becomes a repeating pattern we reserve the right to refuse to schedule any further appointments with that customer.

We attempt to send you an e-mail one day prior to your schedule appointment as a reminder and in that mail will ask that your respond back with a confirmation. If we do not receive a confirmation we will attempt to call you prior to the appointment. If we are unsuccessful in contacting you we reserve the right to cancel the appointment. 

When you use the on-line appointment form our business manager receives an immediate e-mail providing him with the specifics of your request. We then review our appointment calendar and determine if we can meet your request and also determine the specific time we can arrive at your location. Based on your selection of a contact method in the appointment form (e-mail, telephone or text ) we will respond back to you within 24 hours of your submission with the specific time frame we expect to arrive. Due to uncertainties of traffic conditions our arrival time should be within 15 minutes of the time we specify in our response. Should we be unexpectedly delayed we will attempt to contact you via telephone to advise that we have been delayed and provide you with a new estimated arrival time and ask if you still wish to continue with the appointment.

In general we are available every day excluding major holidays like Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years Day.. Our normal business hours are from 7:00AM to 7:00PM.

During peak demand periods, typically November and December we willl be working on extend  business hours based on demand.

If you prefer an appointment  during a time period outside our normal business hours please call us at 602-397-8493.


Initially we will park on the street as close to your location as possible. If you give us permission and the slope is suitable we would prefer to park off the street for example in your driveway. This is safer for our employees and your pet since the probability of an accident occurring is much lower than remaining on the street.

We will attempt to contact you by phone approximately one half hour before we arrive to let you know we are heading toward the appointment.

In the event of unforseen delays, for example severe traffic conditions that would cause us to be more than 15 minutes late we will call you to advise of that.

We will attempt to contact you by phone when we arrive. If that fails we will knock on the door to see if you are available. For your safety if we do have to knock at your door , so that you know it is one of our employees we suggest you click here to see photos of our staff.

Covers questions about price of services

 We provided an "estimated" cost of service on the website Services page to give you an idea of what a "typical" service costs. In most cases the price we charge will be that value unless the pet's condition varies significantly from the condition of average pets. Click here to see the Services page, You can also download a file on that page called "prices that lists the service costs for bath or grooming of various dog breeds.

If you utilze the on-line appointment form we ask you to fill in the dog's breed.  There is also a text box where you can provide any further information about your pet that you think is relevant, When we respond to your appointment request we will include an "estimate" for the services you requested. Click here to go to the on-line appointment form.

When our groomers arrive at your location they will examine your pet and provide you with a fixed price quote for the services you requested prior to providing any services.



 We offer the discounts listed below. Discount are subject to change but any discount already granted at the time the appointment  was made will be honored.

Referral Discount


If you are already a Woof Wagon customer and you refer a new customer to us , when that new customer completes their first appointment we will e-mail you a  voucher for $ 5.00 that you can use to reduce the cost of your next appointment.



SPECIAL OFFER - for a limited time we are offering a special discount for recurring customers. If you make 3 recurring appointments the first two are a full cost but the third appointment is discounted by 5%. If you make 6 recurring appointments the  1st, 2nd, 4th and 5th are at full cost but the third appointment is discounted by 5 and the 6th appointment is discounted by 10%. All appointments must be for the same services and no other discounts apply except if you have a referral voucher you can use it for ONE of these appointments.


Please note:  For any one appointment you are only eligible to select one of the discounts offered below. However you can use a referral voucher along with any of these discounts. 


New Customer Discount

 If you are a new customer to Woof Wagon we offer a 5% discount on the total cost at the time of your first appointment.  Of course you can not use a referral discount voucher because you can not refer yourself!


 Multiple Pet Discount

Because it reduces our time and travel costs we offer a discount if we provide service to multiple pets at YOUR location. For example if we provide service to 3 pets at your location the price of service for each pet is reduced by 5%. For four or more pets the price is discounted by 10%,  The pets do NOT have to necessarily be your pets. For example one pet could be yours and another that of a neighbor or a friend. This is a great way to reduce your cost and ours as well. We usually have two groomers on board so it takes us about the same time to groom two pets as  it does to do one. 


Armed Forces Discount

If the customer or their spouse is a member of any branch of the U. S. Military (including the National Guard or the Reserves) you will receive a 5% discount on each appointment. The owner is ex-military (U. S. Army) and we thank you for your service.


Law Enforcement Discount

If you or your spouse are employed by a law enforcement agency you will receive a 5% discount.

Medically Disabled/Blind Discount

You will receive a 5% discount if you are certified as being medically disabled or legally blind.

Senior Citizen Discount 

You will receive a 5% discount if you are 65 years of age or older

Public School Classroom Teacher Discount

If you are a classroom teacher in a public school system you willl receive a 5% discount. The State of Arizona ranks 48th lowest in teacher salaries. Not only that but due to budget reductions many classroom teachers spend their own funds to procure needed classroom teaching materials. This discount is our simple attempt to recognize the dedication of these teachers and the importance of the work they do in raising our next generation of citizens.

We do not have a minimum service fee for an appointment. Howevers a mobile grooming service a major expense is the cost of travel. This cost includes the cost of employees time, fuel and wear and tear on the vehicle. In addition to that after each appointment we take considerable time to thoroughly clean the work area and sterilize all work surfaces as a protection to the pet. The minimum cost to us average on the order of $ 30 to $50 dollars per typical appointment. Consequently we may elect to not accept an appointment request that is below $ 50.00 unless we are already near your location based on other scheduled appointment. The farther in advance your book your appointment the more likely it is that we can arrange our schedule to be in your area at the time you requested for the appointment and therefore it is economically for us to satisfy your request


Discount are not additive and you can select only one type for any given appointment.



Covers questions about payment and related topics concerning our business practices and procedures

When our staff arrives at your location you are welcome to examine our state-of-the-art grooming van. We want you to be assured that it is a clean, safe and comfortable environment  for your pet. We will also examine your pet and discuss with you the services you have requested and our ability to provide those services based on the condition of your pet.

Based on that  discussion we will enter the data in our on board computer system and provide you with a detailled itemized list of services and the associated costs. We will print out the listing and ask you to sign that listing authorizing us to provide those services to your pet.

Following that our experience shows that it is less stressful to your pet if you NOT be present during  the period while our groomers complete the service.

We accept payment in the following ways:

  • Cash payment
  • Major credit card
  • Check

Please note payment is expect at the time of service. Checks returned due to inadequate funds will result in a $ 25.00 returned check fee.

We want to insure that your dog's vaccinations ares current as a protection for our groomers and also to protect the dogs of the next customers. A current rabies vaccination is essential. Although rare some dogs become stressed and may "nip" a groomer. In order to protect their health and avoid the need for them to receive protective rabies treatment we want to make sure the vaccination is current within the grooming period. Other vaccinations such as Bordetella (Kennel Cough), Distemper and Parnovirus can be contagious to other dogs. Even though we thoroughly clean all work areas and use sterile wipes on all work services after each grooming we take this extra precaustion to ensure other pets have no chance of contamination.

You only need to provide this documentation for the first time we service your dog. We enter the vaccination information into our on board computer system. The next time you utilize our service you will not have to provide any documentation as long as our data on your pet shows that the vaccinnation period covers the date of service.

If you are a returning customer, at the time you make your appointment we will look up your pets information in our computer. If the vaccination has expired relative to the time requested for the appointment we will advise you that you will need further documentation of a new vaccinnation in our response to your appointment request.


Yes we require that you be at the location during the time we provide the services. The reason for this is primarily for your pet's safety. For example, although it is extremely rare there is always some slight possibility that your pet could sustain an injury such as a "nic" during the grooming process. Or the pet may become over stressed and we can no longer continue with the service. Or the pet may become over-agressive requiring us to terminate service. In either case we want to be able to inform you immediately of any event of this kind so that appropriate action can be taken for the benefit of the pet.

No. Our van has its own water storage system. The water is clean and heated so that your pet will receive a comfortable shampoo. In addition we have on-board storge of waste water. So there will be no mess created at your location. Our van has its own on-board generator so there is no need for us to connect to any electrical outlet at your location.

Yes you can and in fact we want you to. To see photos of the van and its layout click here and move the slidder to view the lower portion of the page

We schedule adequate time between appointments that provides an ample period to properly clean the van working area. We have an on-board vacuum for that purpose. We also wipe down all work service with sterilizing wipes to ensure a contagion free work area.

Yes you can supply your own shampoo,  We use only high quality products while servicing your pet. However if you have a specific preference we will use the shampoo you provide.

No, at the present time we do not. However we may do so in the future. We will hovever upon your request make recommendations for certain products that we have experience with and know to be of high quality.

We very much welcome feedback from our customers. Our intent is to achieve full customer satisfaction and a stress free grooming experience for your pet. Honestly, if you are not satisfied, we are not satisfied so if you have suggestions on how we can improve our performance we appreciate it and will act on that.

There are several ways to provide feedback.

  • Talk with our staff before and/or after the appointment. This is the most immediate and effective way to provide us feedback. Our business manager is on-board the van and can enter your feedback into our computer system.
  • Click here and you will be taken to our Contact Us website page. On that page there is a facility to send us an e-mail into which you can provide your feedback.
  • Click here and you will be taken to our Testimonial page on the website. Here you can enter your feedback. Each of these is reviewed by our business manager and the business owner.
  • Call us at 602-397-8493.

As a business we neither encourage nor discourage tipping, The decision to tip or not is entirely at the discretion of the customer and should be based only on the quality of service received.