Dog Grooming Frequently Asked Questions

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Covers questions related to details of our services

Covers questions about making/cancelling appointments 

Covers questions about price of services

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FAQs - Prices

Covers questions about price of services

 We provided an "estimated" cost of service on the website Services page to give you an idea of what a "typical" service costs. In most cases the price we charge will be that value unless the pet's condition varies significantly from the condition of average pets. Click here to see the Services page, You can also download a file on that page called "prices that lists the service costs for bath or grooming of various dog breeds.

If you utilze the on-line appointment form we ask you to fill in the dog's breed.  There is also a text box where you can provide any further information about your pet that you think is relevant, When we respond to your appointment request we will include an "estimate" for the services you requested. Click here to go to the on-line appointment form.

When our groomers arrive at your location they will examine your pet and provide you with a fixed price quote for the services you requested prior to providing any services.



 We offer the discounts listed below. Discount are subject to change but any discount already granted at the time the appointment  was made will be honored.

Referral Discount


If you are already a Woof Wagon customer and you refer a new customer to us , when that new customer completes their first appointment we will e-mail you a  voucher for $ 10.00 that you can use to reduce the cost of your next appointment.



SPECIAL OFFER - for a limited time we are offering a special discount for recurring customers. If you make 3 recurring appointments the first two are a full cost but the third appointment is discounted by 5%. If you make 6 recurring appointments the  1st, 2nd, 4th and 5th are at full cost but the third appointment is discounted by 5 and the 6th appointment is discounted by 10%. All appointments must be for the same services and no other discounts apply except if you have a referral voucher you can use it for ONE of these appointments.


Please note:  For any one appointment you are only eligible to select one of the discounts offered below. However you can use a referral voucher along with any of these discounts. 


New Customer Discount

 If you are a new customer to Woof Wagon we offer a 5% discount on the total cost at the time of your first appointment.  Of course you can not use a referral discount voucher because you can not refer yourself!


 Multiple Pet Discount

Because it reduces our time and travel costs we offer a discount if we provide service to multiple pets at YOUR location. For example if we provide service to 3 pets at your location the price of service for each pet is reduced by 5%. For four or more pets the price is discounted by 10%,  The pets do NOT have to necessarily be your pets. For example one pet could be yours and another that of a neighbor or a friend. This is a great way to reduce your cost and ours as well. We usually have two groomers on board so it takes us about the same time to groom two pets as  it does to do one. 


Armed Forces Discount

If the customer or their spouse is a member of any branch of the U. S. Military (including the National Guard or the Reserves) you will receive a 5% discount on each appointment. The owner is ex-military (U. S. Army) and we thank you for your service.


Law Enforcement Discount

If you or your spouse are employed by a law enforcement agency you will receive a 5% discount.

Medically Disabled/Blind Discount

You will receive a 5% discount if you are certified as being medically disabled or legally blind.

Senior Citizen Discount 

You will receive a 5% discount if you are 65 years of age or older

Public School Classroom Teacher Discount

If you are a classroom teacher in a public school system you willl receive a 5% discount. The State of Arizona ranks 48th lowest in teacher salaries. Not only that but due to budget reductions many classroom teachers spend their own funds to procure needed classroom teaching materials. This discount is our simple attempt to recognize the dedication of these teachers and the importance of the work they do in raising our next generation of citizens.

We do not have a minimum service fee for an appointment. Howevers a mobile grooming service a major expense is the cost of travel. This cost includes the cost of employees time, fuel and wear and tear on the vehicle. In addition to that after each appointment we take considerable time to thoroughly clean the work area and sterilize all work surfaces as a protection to the pet. The minimum cost to us average on the order of $ 30 to $50 dollars per typical appointment. Consequently we may elect to not accept an appointment request that is below $ 50.00 unless we are already near your location based on other scheduled appointment. The farther in advance your book your appointment the more likely it is that we can arrange our schedule to be in your area at the time you requested for the appointment and therefore it is economically for us to satisfy your request


Discount are not additive and you can select only one type for any given appointment.