Dog Grooming Frequently Asked Questions

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FAQs - Services

Covers questions related to details of our services

Heavily matted coats can be very difficult to near impossible to comb out. Attempting to do so can  cause discomfort and irritation to your pet

Our grooming staff will carefully examine your pet to determine the extent of matting. At that time we will recommend either a dematting procedure or we will recommend that the matting is too extensive and that the dog be shaved. We reserve the right not to attempt dematting if in our professional judgement the process would be too painful and potentially harmful to your pet 

Our grooming staff will perform de-matting at a flat rate of $ 10.00 per ten minutes for animals that we determine can be safely de-matted. Quotes cannot be given over the phone as the condition of your animal's coat must be seen by a groomer prior to making an estimate.

The de-shedding process thins and partially strips away your dog's undercoat as well as the top coat. This process helps to reduce or eliminate a dog's shedding for up to six weeks. Unlike shaving, the dog's coat is only thinned out therefore the length of the coat is not reduced.

Yes we have both on-board heating and air conditioning to keep the van at a comfortable temperature for our groomers and your pet. We also have multiple ceiling vents to provide fresh air circulation. The bath water is heated to a comfortable level for your pet. All bath water is fresh. Used water is sent to a seperate container and stored there until emptied.

Generally a typical grooming lasts from 60 to 90 minutes. Of course this is a function of the pets condition and the size of the pet. The groomers will be able to estimate the duration of the time it will take to provide the services you requested.

We no longer groom cats

Not at this time. We were considering grooming Hippos but there is a low demand and we would need a much larger van. (just kidding)

We have a fixed procedure for grooming dogs in order to provide a reliable and consistant result. The steps include:

Preliminary Steps:

  • Examination of your pet
  • Discussion on the services you wish and the cost
  • Review of eligible discounts (new customer, multiple pets, referals)
  • Inform you of the cost of services

Groming Procedure:

  • Clip  and file nails
  • Brush teeth
  • Anal gland expression
  • Shampoo ( will include flea and tick shampoo if you selected that service)
  • Throughly rinse
  • Apply Conditioner
  • Thoroughly rinse
  • Blow dry
  • Brush out
  • Full body haircut
  • Apply eye wash
  • Clean Ears
  • Final Brush out
  • Flea Tic Spot on treatment (if you selected that service)
  • Apply fragrance and decorative bow or bandana ( with permission of owner)
  • Special treat ( dried chicken breasts or jerky, dogs love them!) with owner permission

Yes we do. Of course we take extra care with the little guys

We service the WEST valley. To see if we service your specific area click on the link below and enter your city name.

No we do not. For nervous or figety pets we take the extra time to make your pet feel comfortable and safe.Usually a little treat and a little petting will get your pet to relax and feel safe. We do not perform any services that are painful to your pet and therefore no anesthesia is needed.