Woof Wagon Offers Numerous Mobile Dog Grooming Discounts Detailled Below

Socially Responsible Discounts

As a people oriented socially responsible company we offer discounts of 5% for customers meeting the following criteria:

  • New Customer Discount - you receive 5% off your first appointment with us
  • Senior Citizens (65 or above)
  • Physically  or Mentally Disabled (You or your spouse  or a child is medically certified to have this condition)
  • Military Families (you or your spouse is in the active military)
  • Teachers (Teacher in an Arizona Public School)
  • Law Enforcement ( you or your spouse is employed by a law enforcement agency 

For any one appointment you can select only one of the discounts offerred above.

Special Offers

  • Recurring Appointment Discount - Our appointment form allows you to select a recurring appointments option. If you select the 3 appointment option you receive 5% off on your third appointment. If you select the 6 appointment option you receive 5% off on your third appointment and 10% off on your sixth appointment.
  • Multiple Pet Discount - If your appointment is for 3 or more dogs you receive a 5% discount. If it is for 4 or more you receive a 10% discount. All the dogs do not have to be yours. You can team up with a neighbor or friend to meet the total as long as the appointment is in a single location.
  • Referral Discount- refer a new customer to us and when they complete their first appointment we will give you a $ 10.00 discount on your next appointment. Tell the person you refer to list you as the "referer" when the fill out the on-line appointment form or if they make the appointment by phone have them tell Jackie that you referred them.
  • Organizational Discounts - in the case of organizations we are prepared to discuss a specially constructed discount where multiple pets or recurring appointments would be involved. Call Jackie at 602-397-8493 if you wish to make special arrangements for an organization.