special offer

    To reward our recurring customers we have a limited time special discount. If you make 3 recurring appointments you will receive at 5% discount for your third appointment. If you make 6 recurring appointments you receive at 5% discount on your third appointment and a 10% discount on your 6th appointment.

 All subsequent appointments must be for the identical services specified in the first appointment.

                      No other discounts apply when using this special offer however you can apply a referral voucher to one of these appointments if you have one.


special offer

       Multiple Pet Discount Discount - for a limited time if you make an appointment for:

                   3  pets you receive a 5% discount, 

                   4 or  more pets you receive a 10% discount


         Please note no other discounts apply when selecting this special offer, but if you have a referral voucher you can use it for this type of appointment.


                               To take advantage of the special offers above click on the link below to fill out our on-line appointment form

                                  Appointment Form 


Referral Discount:  Refer a new customer to us, and when they complete their first appointment we will e-mail you a voucher for $ 5.00 off the cost of your next appointment. If they make their appointment using our on-line appointment form, have them select the "referred" option from the list that appears when they click on the "How did you hear about us" box on the form, then have them enter your name in the "referer" text box. If they make their appointment by phone be sure to tell them to give us your name as the referer. To claim your discount simply present your voucher to the groomer when they arrive for your next appointment. 


 We still have our traditional discounts available as shown below:

Please note:

For any one appointment you can select only one of the discounts offerred below. However if you have a referral voucher you can use it for any appointment.




five percent grooming discount


       New Customer Discount



 If this is the first time you have used our services we provide a 5 % discount from your service bill. 


five percent Senior Citizen Discount, Disability Discount

Senior citizens 65 or older receive a 5% discount each time they use our services.  The owner of the business is 70 years old and understands the constraints of living under a fixed income so we hope this discount will enable you to take great care of your pet and ease the crunch on your finances. A 5% discount is also applicable for those medically disabled.


five percentArmed Forces / Law Enforcement Discount

If the customer or the customer's spouse is a member of any branch of the U. S. military (including National Guard or the Reserves) you will receive a 5% discount for each appointment. Our owner is ex-military (army) and we thank you for your service. Similarly if you or your spouse are employed by a law enforcement agency you receive a 5 % discount 


five percent Multiple Pet Discount

               If we service three or more pets at your location you will receive a 5% discount on your total bill.  The pets do not necessarily have to be yours. For example if you and a neighbor get together and have both your pets serviced at your location, the service  cost for each pet will be reduced by 5%.


five percent


             Public School Classroom Teacher Discount




              The State of Arizona ranks as the bottom 48th state in public school teacher salaries. Not only that, but because of cuts to education budgets many classrom teachers spend the own funds to purchase needed classroom teaching materials. This is our humble attempt to try to show appreciation for their dedication to our children and a recognition of the truly important role they play in raising the next generation of Arizona citizens. If you are a classroom teacher in the public school system you will receive a 5% discount on our services