Everyone on our team are true animal lovers so as a socially responsible business we have decided to start donating some grooming services to help get dogs adopted to permanent homes. We are doing this ONLY for dogs at the Maricopa County Animal Control Shelter. A lot of dogs turned into the Maricopa Animal Control Shelter come in in pretty rough shape. Many are very dirty and have seriously matted coats. These poor dogs do not look very attractive and consequently their chances of getting adopted are very slim and we all know what can happen to them if they can't get a home. So we plan to periodically donate our services to groom some of the most severe cases that look really bad and improve their appearance  to enhance their prospects of being adopted.

We recently did our first dog and wanted to share the results with you. The dog is called Marx and is a wonderful little fellow. He was terribly matted and was slated to be euthanized. We received a call from Susan, a volunteer at the shelter who told us about Marx's situation and we decided to send out one of our grooming vans and one of our most experienced groomers to see what we could do for him. Frankly it was a real challange but after over 2 hours of skilled effort our groomer Georgeanna was able to get all the mats out and get him bathed and shaved. We had to pretty much shave him all the way down to get the matts out so he doesn't look quite as good right now as he will in a few weeks when his coat grows out again. We will probably go back when his coat grows in and give him a more attractive groom but for now he looks and we are sure he feels a whole lot better. Severe matting is very painful for a dog. 

A few before and after photos of Marx are shown below. 

GREAT NEWS - Marx got adopted the day after we groomed him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Marx before



    Marx before we groomed him








Marx after grooming





     Marx after Georgeanna completed the grooming. He is adorable!!!!










We have groomed another dog at the shelter. She was a stray that was terribly matted as shown in the photo below. Her name is Cleo. We sent out a van with two groomers, my daughter Jackie and Tracy to help Cleo. You can see from the photo below she was in a very miserable state.


Hard to believe there is a dog in there. Poor thing she  must feel terrible.

     dog2 grooming   cleo grooming

    Groomingin in process- we discovered her coat is actually white. Those black spots are ticks which we removed and gave her a flea/tick prevention treatment.


dog2  done     The true Cleo that was underneath all that mess 

After over 4 hours they completed the groom. Cleo  looks and we are sure she feels far better than she did.  We had to shave her about down to the skin to get out all the matts and ticks. Through the whole ordeal Cleo was perfectly well behaved even though it must have hurt. She is really a very sweet dog.


 Great News - Cleo got adopted on the first day she was available!!!! We feel great about that. She had a very rough start in life but she made it through.

Now with a new forever home she should enjoy a long and happy life, Thanks Jackie and Tracy!


  We just received a photo from Cleo's new owners. She is now called Lucy Lou. We are so happy she has found a caring forever home, she certainly deserves it after all she has been through. She looks marvelous. She is the canine version of Cinderella!

Lucy Lou















On Saturday September 3rd we groomed three additional dogs at MCACC. Fox News KSAZ Channel 10 was kind enough to do a live TV broadcast at the shelter to bring public attention to the availability of these newly groomed dogs for adoption. Below we have some before and after photos of the dogs. This one is named Goomer. We decided to give him a bit of a " Mohawk" hairdo.  Good news is Goomer got adopted right after we groomed him


 Goomer composite


 The next dog we did we did not have a name for so we called her Sarah. The before and after photos are shown below.  

She was also adopted the next day!


Whitney composite


The final dog of the day was Opie. He really didn't need a full groom but his rear end and underneath was really dirty so we gave him a good bath and brush out, and trimmed his nails. Opie was adopted the next day!



Shown below is the grooming team that worked on these pets. From left to right Jackie, Tracie, Chris and Deseray. Thanks for donating your services to help these dogs find a loving and safe forever home!




 On Saturday 15 October we were asked to groom another dog at the shelter. His name is Pendelton.

The before and after photos are shown below.



pendelton before              pendelton after 


 Pendelton Before Grooming           After Groming - he is a handsome fellow 

Good news is Pendelton was adopted right after we groomed him!


On December 4 we received a call from the shelter for another dog they received that was in rough looking condition. We sent out our van with our groomer Georgeanna to see how we could help out this poorlittle guy. Below are the before and after photos. As you can see he was in pretty rough shape full of matts and very dirty. Took several hours but we managed to get all the matts out and got him cleaned up. Really a very cute dog. Obviously undernourished but it looks far more attractive and we are sure it will get adopted soon.

Dec4-2       dec4-1     Dec 4-3


Very Badly Matted                So sad looking                 All done - cute little fellow!



Good news is he was adopted the next day! Well to date we have groomed 7 dogs and are batting a thousand!

All 7 of the dogs were adopted almost immediately.

We are elated they all have loving forever homes.


To see a good video of the care that needs to be taken in grooming a severely matted dog click HERE