COVID 19-Advisory

Yes we are open for business. All of our employees are well and we are taking extreme precautions to keep them that way and to protect our customers. It is our normal practice to wipe down all work surfaces and grooming equipment with antiseptic wipes and sprays after each appointment. In addition our employees will be wearing masks and gloves when they arrive at your location and will have sterilized their hands, They will  be avoiding any physical contact with customers. We will call you when we arrive and ask that you bring your dog on a lesh out to our van. The lech will be immediately be sprayed and sterilized. We also spray and sterilize all forms of payment including credit cards and cash in order to prevent  contamination by this medium.

Please be socially responsible and do not request an appointment if you are not feeling well or if you are aware of having contact with anyone diagnosed as having the virus.

Additionally if within a week of using our service you become afflicted with COVID 19 please call us so that we can inform our employees that provided the service and have them self quarantine. For more information on COVID 19 and your dog click here.


 Please Note: We are now operating on our summer business schedule. Appointments can be scheduled to  start at 5:30 AM through 2:00 PM. This is necessary to avoid the intense afternoon heat.


Once you have had an appointment with us and want to schedule another appointment use this form if:

  • All your personal information is unchanged since your last appointment
  • All your pet information is the same as your last appointment
  • You want the same services for this appointment as you received at your last appointment

  Otherwise click HERE to go to our regular appointment form

You can use the Text Entry Box at the end of the form to provide any additional information

PLEASE NOTE: In the form all items marked with an (*) must be filled in or the form will not be processed

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