Below is some relevant information about our staff. Right now there are five of us but we intend to expand and add more soon.


Owner Owner of WooF Wagon LLC MObile Pet Groomers 

Hi I'm Gerry the owner of the business. I started this business at the request of my daughter, one of the groomers and my grandchild the manager of the business. Both were employed at one of the large well known pet companies but frankly were not paid what would be reasonably considered a LIVING wage. I think people who work full time should not live in poverty and be without healthcare.  Consequently we provide both a decent wage and healthcare for all our employees. Our prices may be just a bit higher than the big companies but if every employer had the right social conscience a few percent off their bottom line would not even be noticed.

As for my background I have degrees in electrical engineering and retired after 40 years of service with Motorola and General Dynamics. I served as a  Director of various business areas primarily related to military satellite communications. My focus is totally on customer satisfaction and quality  of service. The rest of the team at Woof Wagon LLC shares the same focus. We intend to make your experience with us totally satisfying while giving your pet the stress free service it deserves and you expect.


Hi I'm Austin. Gerry the owner is my granddad.I manage the business on an everyday basis. I am in charge of arranging appointments, setting the optimal route for the vans to minimize travel time and distance between appointments. I also handle all questions and comments from our customer either from the on line contact form or from meeting our customers directly. I maintain our data base of customers and insure you receive applicable discounts.  I also conduct all financial and accounting tasks for the business. Finally I often will be driving one of the vans to the appointments and perform all needed vehicle and equipment maintenance. If you have suggestions on how we may improve on our services I am the person to talk to. We appreciate all feedback from our customers.

As for my background I am 25 years old, I have two associates degrees in business and business communications and am currently pursing my four year degree in business. This is a great opportunity for me to put into practice the concepts I have learned in school by dealing directly with customers and actually operating a business. I look forward to meeting our objectives of providing you service that exceeds your expectations.

Groomersjackie cert

Hi I am Jackie. Gerry the owner is my dad. I have over 7 years of experience in dog grooming. I was trained at Petsmart and worked there for several years. I am a member of the NationalPet Groomers Association. I spent the six months as a mobile groomer prior to convinving my dad to start this business in November of 2014. I have groomed many hundreds of dogs and I just love doing it. I have a special place in me for animals especially dogs (I have 5) so your pet will be well cared for. I pride myself on being able to handle skittish or nervous dogs by making them feel safe and relaxed. Sometimes this takes a little more time but the result is always a better grooming and far less stress on the pet. I also do very large dogs so size is not a problem. I look forward to meeting our new customers and doing a great job of grooming your pet.




Hi I am Tracy.  I have been grooming dogs for several years now. Prior to that I was a hair stylists for over 10 years .I too am a member of the National Pet Groomers Association. I really enjoy grooming dogs and will do my very best to give you a satisfying experience and your pet a stress free and attractive grooming.     

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 Manos Cert

Hi I am Christy, and have been a groomer for about ten years. During that time I have groomed just about every dog breed there is. I am excited to join the Woof Wagon team and share their enthusiaism to provide a great grooming experience for your pet and  satisfying  our  expectations. Jackie, Nicole and I have been friends for a long time and we all share  a common affection for animals so your pet will be treated with the patience and care they deserve.