Below is some relevant information about our staff. We think it is important that you know something about the people you will be trusting to give your dog a professional and safe grooming experience.


Woof Wagon LLC - Owner Owner of WooF Wagon LLC MObile Pet Groomers 

Hi I'm Gerry the owner of the business. I started this business at the request of my daughter Jackie who runs the business on a daily basis and is also a dog groomer. My grandchild Austin also works for the business primarily doing our financial accounting and maintaining the vans. Both were employed at one of the large well known pet companies but frankly were not paid what would be reasonably considered a LIVING wage. I think people who work full time should not live in poverty and be without healthcare.  Consequently we provide both a decent wage and subsidized healthcare for all our employees. Our prices may be just a bit higher than the big fixed site companies but if every  employer had the right social conscience a few percent off their bottom line would not even be noticed.

As for my background I have degrees in electrical engineering and retired after 40 years of service with Motorola and General Dynamics. I served as a  Director of various business areas primarily related to military satellite communications. My focus is totally on customer satisfaction and quality  of service. The rest of the team at Woof Wagon LLC shares the same focus. We intend to make your experience with us totally satisfying while giving your dog the stress free service high quality grooming it deserves and you expect.


Appointment Scheduler and Contact Pointjackie cert


Hi I'm Jackie. Gerry the owner is my dad. I manage the business on an everyday basis. I am in charge of responding to all appointmnt requests made either by phone or by use of our on-line appointment forms. I also respond to all customer inquiries. Behind the scenes I work to schedule all appointments, assign appointments to a  specific van in such a way as to minimize travel time. I also am in charge of assignment of our grooming staff  to the vans and the hiring and evaluation of the grooming staff. I also maintain our data base of customers and their dogs and insure you receive needed information about the date and time for your dog's grooming appointment. In addition I am a certified dog groomer with over 8 years of experience and fill in for groomers who are out due to illness, vacations or other circumstances.



Tracy Certification

 Hi I am Tracy.  I have been grooming dogs for several years now. I was previously a hair dressor for over 10 years but decided to switch over to dog grooming because of my affection for them. I too am a member of the National Pet Groomers Association. I really enjoy grooming dogs and will do my very best to give you a satisfying experience and your pet a stress free and attractive grooming.   Unfortunately right now I have some health issues that prevents me from being a full time groomer. I do go along in the van and provide assistance to the groomer. I also substitute for Jackie in processing and scheduling appointments when she is working on the van as a substitute for for an absent groomer. That way we maintain our fast response to appointment requests. I am schedule for some medical procedures in the near future that will enable me to return as a full time groomer after a recuperative period.   


Manos Cert

Hi I am Christy, and have been a groomer for about ten years.I have groomed literally thousands of dogs and have groomed just about every dog breed there is. I am excited to be part of the Woof Wagon team and share their enthusiaism to provide a great grooming experience for your dog and  satisfying  your  expectations. Jackie,Tracy and I have been friends for a long time and we all share  a common affection for animals so your dog will be treated with the patience and care they deserve. Best of all all three of us live in Jackie's house so we have great communicate and knowledge sharing about dog grooming. I am a member of the National Dog Grooming Association.



        Hello, I am Vanessa. I have been grooming dogs for over 10 years and like Christy I have groomed thousands of dogs of just about every breed. I really enjoy working in a mobile enviornment. It is so much better grooming dogs this way rather than in a fixed site salon. I like that the dogs don't have to spend any time waiting in a cage or be frightened by other dogs they are unfamiliar with. I also appreciate the companies policy toward making your dog comfortable and relaxed before the grooming starts even though it may take more time. I have seen how some dogs are really frightened of being groomed because of the high stress they have encountered from tramatizing experiences in the past. At Woof Wagon all of us put your dog's comfort and safety first. That's why we have two groomers on board the van. It really helps a lot to have a second person there to help me groom your dog. Some dogs can become resistant especially when it comes to nail trims so having the second person there to gently restrain the dog of making unexpected moves that could injure them is great.


FInance and Maintenance

 Hi, I am Austin. Gerry the owner is my granddad. I do several things for the business. Sort of a Jack of all trades. First I handle the books for the business and make sure our financial records are properly maintained. I work with our accounting firm on that especially at tax time. I also do all the schedule maintence on the vans to ensure they remain in top flight operating condition. I also fix any problems that arise and try to do so within the same day so we can maintain our appointment schedule. I also am in the van three days a week as a groomer assistant. In between all that I am a full time college student working toward my degree in finance.I have found actually working in the business and meeting customers is a very valuable experience for someone that intends to operate their own business in the future. School teaches me a lot but working with customers gives me a lot of practicle experiencce you can't get in a classroom.