Hello. We thought you might want to see some photos about Woof Wagon

Our groomers take real pride in making your dog look marvelous. We also take the time to ensure that when the grooming is completed it was stress free and your dog is totally relaxed.

Below is a small sampling of the pets we have groomed.

We also periodically groom pets free of charge at the Maricopa Animal Shelter. Many of these come in in very rough condition with severe matting etc. and because of their appearance have little to no chance of getting adopted.  We hope to enhance these poor dogs appearance sufficiently that they stand a much better chance of finding a permanent home. Below are before and after photos of a dog we groomed named Marx.  Great news is he got adopted the next day!

Marx before     before grooming - very severely matted

           Marx after2     Marx after grooming. What an adorable little fellow. He was adopted the very next day.

 This really demonstrates the exceptional abilities of our grooming staff. If they can take a dog like Marx  and make him look great we can surely do the same for your dog.


Below is another dog named Cleo we groomed at the shelter. She was in terrible condition. We had to groom her almost down to her skin to remove all the matts and dislodge over a hundred ticks that infested her. Poor thing she must have felt terrible. Good news is she looks and we know she feels much better. She was also adopted the very next day!!!



                                 dog2  done   

               BEFORE                                                                    AFTER

She was severely matted and infested with ticks                   Took 4 hours but now she is a much happier dog.


Here is a small sample of the over ten thousand dogs we have groomed since we opened our business.

     photo of Oliver a dog we groomed      photo of whitey a dog we groomed     Foxy Lady      

Buster the Bulldog


     photo of german shepard we groomed           photo of Oscar a dog we groomed 

    bubba        happy

   photo of DOzer a dog we groomed           phot of Ralph a dog we groomed        photo of Clyde a dog we groomed   

      photo of Bezzo a dog we groomed      phot of Moe a dog we groomed      bo 

    jasper       blackie    big   

  surprized dog     pac of 3 dogs groomed


Below are some photos of our grooming van, we keep it spotless.


Mobile pet grooming van

mobile pet grooming van layout


mobile grooming van interior - rear view        mobile grooming van interior front view