We understand that users will want to get an estimate of dog grooming costs prior to making an appointment. For that purpose we have provided a table below with a price range for service based on the dog's size. Please consider the following:

The table below provides a "typical" estimate" of the cost for services based on your dog's size. However the cost of services is drivenby the time it takes to provide the service. This is determined by several factors:

  • The type of coat your dog has
  • The condition of the coat. A dog with a matted coat takes much longer to groom and requires special care to prevent injury since to remove the matting the groomer must shave the dog very close to its skin. For a small unmatted dog it takes about 45 to 60 minutes to groom. The same breed with severely a mated coat can take several hours. Click HERE to see a video of the precise care that must be taken to properly groom a severely matted dog.
  • Dog size - larger dogs obviously take longer to groom
  • Dog Physical Condition - older or physically challanged dogs must be handled much more carefully to prevent injury. This of course takes longer to complete 

As a part of our business policy our groomers will inspect your dog when they arrive for the appointment. At that point they will provide you with a fixed quotation for the services your require BEFORE any services are provided. 

Basic Services:

  • Bath Service Includes - temperature controlled bath using high quality shampoo and coat conditioner. Blow dry and brush out. Nails trimmed, ears cleaned, teeth brushed and anal glands expressed.
  • Full Groom Service Includes - all the features listed above for a bath plus a haircut. (Price can vary based on condition of the dog's coat. Heavily matted dogs require special handling. Get an estimate from the groomer at time of the appointment

Add On Services:

  • Flea and Tick Kill - additive to a bath or groom service to kill fleas and Ticks
  • Flea and Tick Prevention - additive to bath or groom service to prevent future infestation by fleas or ticks
  • Deshedding Service - additive service to bath or groom to deshed the dog's coat - cost is time based get estimate from groomer at time of appointment


  Price Estimates Based on Dog Size

. When comparing prices be aware that many business charge considerably extra for services we provide as standard in our pricing,

SERVICE                    DOG SIZE
Small Medium Large Extra Large
Bath $65 $80 $100 $125
Groom  $80  $95 $115   $150
Flea & Tick Kill  $25  $25  $30  $35
Flea & Tick Prevention  $25  $25  $30  $35
Deshedding Ask groomer for quote


Please Note: We provide only our standard services For example we do not take appointments just for nail trims or deshedding. We provide services for dogs only.