Hello and welcome to our Mobile Grooming site.

Woof Wagon mobile dog grooming offers a complete spectrum of salon grooming services provided by caring experienced professionals utilizing our state-of the-art customized pet grooming vans. We service the West Valley area.

 Mobile pet grooming custom van        



Advantages of using our mobile dog grooming services:

Benefit to You the Dog Owner:

  • Our state-of-the-art mobile grooming van comes conveniently to the location you specify so you can continue with your planned activities

  • Our van is completely self sufficient with on board electric power, clean and used water storage, communications and computer systems. There is no need to connect to your electrical or water system. Used water is stored on board so we do not leave any residue at your location. Our dog grooming vans have all the features of a fixed site salon as shown in the layout diagram below. Click HERE to see actual photos of the interior of our vans.

van ad

  • We adapt to your schedule so you can plan your day accordingly. Your pet is serviced immediately so you do not have long wait times as you might have in a fixed location salon.

  • We have two groomers onboard the van. This is an important safety  factor. The second groomer assists during critical grooming procedures where sharp tools are used like scissors or shears to gently restrain your dog from making unexpected moves that might cause an injury.  It also insures there is someone there to care for your dog if one of the groomers becomes disabled or injured. In the case where you have two pets both are groomed together providing a shorter appointment period.

  • You are relieved from loading your pets in a vehicle, travel and deal with traffic uncertainties, waiting for service then driving back home. Plus your vehicle is not saturated with dog hair that is difficult to remove when cleaning.

Benefit to your Dog:

sleepy puppy

  • Your dog is given the immediate focused undivided attention of our caring professional dog groomers

  • Our dog grooming van is air conditioned  and has multiple fresh air vents for your dog's comfort

  • We provide heated clean (not re-used) bath water set to a comfortable temperature level for your dog

  • No stress to your dog:

    • No time in a cage which often happens at fixed site facilities
    • No stress or danger from other  potentially aggressive animals
    • If your dog is nervous or skitish with strangers we take the extra time to develop a relationship with your dog so it is comfortable and relaxed during the grooming
  • We use only quality shampoo and conditioner products that will be gentle to your dog's skin and enhance its coat.

  • With no other dogs present your dog is protected from communicable disease and pest infestations

  • Hygenic environment protects your dog. Between each appointment we thoroughly vacuum the work area. All work surfaces are wipped down with antiseptic wipes and all grooming tools are similarly sprayed with antiseptic cleaner and wiped down.


Here are some important things to consider when selecting a dog groomer. 

  • Mobile vs Fixed Site - mobile is certainly more convenient for you and less stressful to your dog. However because operating costs are higher it may cost a bit more
  • Be aware the State of Arizona has NO licensing requirements for dog grooming. Anyone can pickup a pair of scissors and call themselves a dog groomer so be careful when you select a dog grooming service. Click HERE for more information relative to what to look for to insure you are selecting a professional dog groomer.
  • Mobile dog grooming vehicles are required to be inspected yearly by the Maricopa County Health Department and must display an inspection license on the vehicle. If you select a mobile dog groomer insure their vehicle displays a current license. Click HERE for more information about what to look for when selecting a mobile dog groomer.