The table below provides a "typical" estimate" of the cost for services based on your dog's size. 

However all dogs are unique and the actual cost may be different based on your dog's breed and condition of its coat. When our groomers arrive they will examine your pet and provide you with a fixed quote prior to providing any services.

Please Note: If you are comparing our prices for a  Bath or Grooming to other locations for example the large "chain" pet stores be aware that their charges are for a basic bath whereas our charges INCLUDE a shampoo, blow dry, brush out, nail trim, ear cleaning, anal gland expression and teeth brushing. In general they will charge you an Additional $ 20 to $ 25 fee for the full service we include in our cost, so it is advisable to take that into consideration when comparing prices not to mention the convenience of having us come to you on your schedule. 

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Due to the recent large increase in health insurance costs and additional operating expenses we are currently operating at a net loss. Consequently effective 1 March 2017 a new price list will go into effect. On average the cost of services will increase by approximately $ 5.00 per service over the previous prices. To download the NEW price listing click on the file "Prices"  below.






Basic Dog Service





Dog Size






Extra Large

Bath & Brush


Shampoo, blow dry and brushed out.

Toenails trimmed and ground.

Ears cleaned, teeth brushed

Anal Gland Procedure and Deshedding

$ 55






All features of Bath and Brush plus grooming haircut

$ 70

$ 85



Add on Dog Services to the above

Tick & Flee Shampoo


Shampoo with additives to kill existing fleas or ticks

$ 15



$ 15

Tick & Flea Prevention


Treatment to kill existing ticks or fleas and prevent future infestation

$ 25

  $ 30


$ 40

We no longer are accepting cat grooming appointments

Please Note: While we do not have a minimum service charge we may elect to decline an appointment request if the total service fee before discounts is less than $ 50.00. The reason is the costs associated with travel time and wear and tear on the vehicle. However if we can arrange our schedule to be NEAR your location at the requested appointment time we may be able to satisfy your request.  Making your request as far in advance as possible will enhance our ability to plan our schedule to be near your area.