Frequently Asked Question

Your on line appointment form asks to provide the earliest and latest times I am available for the appointment. How will I know the specific time for the appointment?

When you use the on-line appointment form our business manager receives an immediate e-mail providing him with the specifics of your request. We then review our appointment calendar and determine if we can meet your request and also determine the specific time we can arrive at your location. Based on your selection of a contact method in the appointment form (e-mail, telephone or text ) we will respond back to you within 24 hours of your submission with the specific time frame we expect to arrive. Due to uncertainties of traffic conditions our arrival time should be within 15 minutes of the time we specify in our response. Should we be unexpectedly delayed we will attempt to contact you via telephone to advise that we have been delayed and provide you with a new estimated arrival time and ask if you still wish to continue with the appointment.